Poker training apps

Best poker training apps for the android Devices

It can difficult to speak about best poker training apps because the available apps will naturally rely upon which operating system we have on our mobiles. Here are a few that were in the Google play store for Android devices.

Poker-stove – If we don’t really know what poker-stove does then we now have probably had our mind under a rock for the last a decade. Poker-stove was the original collateral calculator for poker players before newer more structure equity calculators were released. The of equity calculators as mobile programs has exploded in recent times, and a quick search of the Google play store for an collateral calculator will yield many leads to choose from. If you want to know more about situs judi casino, please check

Equity Battle – Presently there are now an increasing number of programs that act as a holdem poker coach. One of these apps is known as “equity battle” and is also essentially an equity calculator turned into a game. Players move through levels estimating the equity of various loges.


Poker Notes Live — If you are an online player poker that uses tracking app to keep track of your notes, you may feel slightly clueless when you hit the live experienced. This software could be the solution.